It sucks being a teen

I didn’t really mention this before but I’m a teenager (actually I think I did mention it)

But it’s not even that important!

As a kid I was always waiting to become a teenager just because I thought it was completely awesome. However I have now learnt that is not the case. Here’s a not-so-short list of reasons why I hate being part of teenage-dom:

  1. Everyone suddenly has high expectations for you like “come on, you should be able to finish all your homework and finish this huge book now that you’re a teenager. Come on, start acting like one.” Just because my age ends with -teen it doesn’t mean I’m suddenly Wonder Woman!!
  2. Just cause you’re in middle school you can’t do some of your normal stuff anymore “seriously? why do you still sleep with a teddy bear? that’s so babyish.” Okay, whether you hug a teddy bear when you go to sleep or a pillow; it doesn’t make a difference.
  3. Getting mood swings all the time and then people saying “oh she’s just trying to act like a teenager” so you get even more annoyed.
  4. Stressing out about school and then getting no sleep because you are paranoid that you have some homework due the next day that you totally forgot about. More often than not, that was true.
  5. So much dRaMa between friends and when you try to help you are suddenly involved and people just expect you to pick sides.
  6. Treated like kids but people expect you to act like an adult
  7. Finally, crushes. I think crushes are the bane of my existence because I basically always have one and it’s the worst thing ever because now you care so much about what they think of you but accidentally still say dumb stuff to them.

This was a very rant-like post and if you want I can try to have less of them haha.

Tell me if you relate to any of these or if you have something to add to the list 😉


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