My Winter Playlist! πŸŽΆ

hello everybody!

this post is basically just me sharing my winter playlist (as promised) and I hope you like it πŸ™‚

remember that it isn’t necessarily a ‘christmas playlist’ , it’s just to give you wintery vibes and that’s why some of the songs seem like they don’t fit in. I assure you that they do.

here’s a peek into my very unpopular music taste lol:

Like I said, most of these are in no way related to winter but the melody or just the generally mood of the song gave me those chill and cozy winter vibes!

I hope you take a listen to these and tell me which ones you like (and what you’d like to add!) because I’d love to see who else likes some of the songs I do. If there are some songs on here that you haven’t heard, GO LISTENNNN. You will most probably really like them πŸ™‚

p.s. happy thanksgiving to anyone who celebrates ❀



Winter time! ❄️

hey everybody it’s beginning to feel a lot like winterrr!

and Christmas too, I missed a prime opportunity there.

But the main thing is that it’s hoodies, hot chocolate and fluffy socks season πŸ™‚ I’ve never actually been in snow (which means the snowflake in the title is extremely misleading) but it does start to get chilly and starts to rain a lot where I live and I’m fine with that. I don’t think anyone knows just how much I love rain and thunder. It is the most comforting thing ever which is pretty ironic but like it’s true. Rain makes me the happiest person I could ever be haha.

One time a short while ago it started to rain during the last 5 minutes of the last lesson of the day and after so many people were just running around in the rain, not really caring that we were all completely soaked. So my friend and I joined in and it is an amazing memory. Moral of that story: whenever it rains just go outside and have fun in it for a while.

Now every night you can just wrap up like a burrito with blanket and fairy lights on the wall aaaaahhhh I can’t wait. Going to start creating my cozy playlist which I will definitely share with you guys.

That is all the great things I can think of at the moment so if you think of any more reasons why you like winter please comment them down below and I’ll add them to my post ❀


Introverted? Extroverted? IDK!

hey guys!

how are you?

The people who have known me for a while (or even the random people in my class) know that I don’t talk much.

I talk a lot lot lot with my friends, and I also sometimes have great conversations with people in my class that I am comfortable with. Like if I’ve known them for a while and I feel like I can *trust* them I start to let my walls come down. I know when I was about 11-12 I used to be so so quiet and I literally never spoke a word to anyone. Just thinking back at those days makes me cringe so much.

I’ve always considered myself an introvert for many reasons including those above. But like when you search up like ‘signs of a introvert’ or ‘characteristics of being an introvert’ I don’t actually relate to much of the points. So I’m starting to think I might be an ambivert and kind of an extrovert; the only thing is I’m really shy.

I really hate that because I want to talk to people and make friends I just am too scared that people will think I’m weird just randomly joining in on their conversations even thought literally everyone else does that. In the last few weeks before summer my friend who I hung out with all the time in class wasn’t there because she left early. At first I was terrified because I’m like WHO am I supposed to talk to and hang out with in class now but after she left I spoke to eVeRy SiNgLe PeRsOn in the class! And it felt sooo good. People were like “huh *insert name here* I always thought you were so quiet but look what happened to you!”

I started joining in on games and jokes that everyone made in groups and I realized how alone I act when I’m just talking to that one friend. I also discovered that she might be the one kind of holding me back a little bit because she is really really introverted to the point where I want to chat with her but she just sits in silence staring at me while I try to initiate some kind of small talk. I’m sorry but that is so frustrating. Whenever our class had to get into groups and stuff I would have to be with her even if I wanted to hang out with some other people for a change because she was not good at talking to others and due to that I earned the reputation of the quiet girl who doesn’t talk to anyone except like three people.

Next year my goal is to talk to different people no matter what.

xo byee

It sucks being a teen

I didn’t really mention this before but I’m a teenager (actually I think I did mention it)

But it’s not even that important!

As a kid I was always waiting to become a teenager just because I thought it was completely awesome. However I have now learnt that is not the case. Here’s a not-so-short list of reasons why I hate being part of teenage-dom:

  1. Everyone suddenly has high expectations for you like “come on, you should be able to finish all your homework and finish this huge book now that you’re a teenager. Come on, start acting like one.” Just because my age ends with -teen it doesn’t mean I’m suddenly Wonder Woman!!
  2. Just cause you’re in middle school you can’t do some of your normal stuff anymore “seriously? why do you still sleep with a teddy bear? that’s so babyish.” Okay, whether you hug a teddy bear when you go to sleep or a pillow; it doesn’t make a difference.
  3. Getting mood swings all the time and then people saying “oh she’s just trying to act like a teenager” so you get even more annoyed.
  4. Stressing out about school and then getting no sleep because you are paranoid that you have some homework due the next day that you totally forgot about. More often than not, that was true.
  5. So much dRaMa between friends and when you try to help you are suddenly involved and people just expect you to pick sides.
  6. Treated like kids but people expect you to act like an adult
  7. Finally, crushes. I think crushes are the bane of my existence because I basically always have one and it’s the worst thing ever because now you care so much about what they think of you but accidentally still say dumb stuff to them.

This was a very rant-like post and if you want I can try to have less of them haha.

Tell me if you relate to any of these or if you have something to add to the list πŸ˜‰


Hello World!

hey everyone I’m…

actually, I’m not going to say my name because this is an anonymous blog hah!

But I’ll just fill you in on a little bit about me.

I am your average teenage girl who loves to bake (and cook), take pictures, sing, write songs and read books. Those are a lot of hobbies I think, I don’t know what the average amount of hobbies is; what are your hobbies? comment below if you want, I would love to hear if we have some things in common!

This blog is anonymous so that I can discreetly share some of the things that happened to me, stuff I feel and what I think about. Due to these reasons there will also beΒ no selfies. Well actually, even if it wasn’t anonymous I probably wouldn’t post selfies because I never take any πŸ™‚ If I take a selfie of only myself with no oneΒ else I feel strange and vain, to me it’s kind of pointless to take a picture of myself only because there’s not much to remember about that moment.

I’m not saying that anyone who takes selfies is vain I’m only saying that’s how I feel when I take one.

So I will be keeping it real here on my blog and un-real in real life until I can stop being so shy ❀